During the Pixelwelten event 2019 in FEZ Berlin Wuhlheide, Europe's largest non-profit children's and family recreation center, we developed and presented a live-action music video game to the dances from the popular computer game 'Fortnite' along with our partner Samuel's World.

In the video you can see how we did it, hear voices of participants and last but not least there is a student interview with the patroness of this year's Pixelwelten, Family Minister Dr. Franziska Giffey.

It was a lot of fun for everyone involved. If you like the Fortnite dance contest, you can play it yourself! The guidelines are listed below.


Video games are said to be a waste of time and supposedly distract us from reality. But we and many other gamers along with us believe that this is not the case.

Children and young people today are very at home in digital environments, and for them there is no longer a distinction between the virtual and analog world. By playing games, gamers can learn a lot of things that are useful for their future in a digital world.


We believe the Fortnite project succeeded in transforming elements from the video game into a physically challenging and motorically entertaining live-action role playing game.

So wird gespielt:

Copy dances from the game Fortnite with others in competition.

You have to dance the dances from the video at the same time.

The best imitation of the dance will continue. Because we use the games and not the other way around! Become the living embodiment of a Fortnite-Dance-Battle-Royale-(S)Hero!  

You will need:

Players: 4 - 99

Open space: 10 m² - 200m², depending on the number of players inside.

Monitor or screen for the transmission of the film clips/game templates.


Win a game round and qualify for the final. In the final, the winners will stand in a circle with the game leader*. All eliminated players are now jury and choose the best dancer in the last round and thus the new director.

Order of events:

The WARM UP is the same for all players and should prepare you for keeping up with the moves.

Into the "Hall of Fame" of Fortnite moves you dance like this:

1. Round

One round takes about 2 minutes.

Performed in smaller groups with 4 - 15 dancers per group.

You will need one participent per group to act as director/judge.

For the first game this person will be chosen by the group.

Ultimately, it should be the best dancer because this will be the final opponent for the winner of the game. The course instructor decides who will be eliminated during the 2 minutes in the direct battle. At the end of the round there should only be one player left in each group.

2. Round

In the final battle, all eliminated players decide whether the old director/judge is to be replaced or whether can maintain their position into the next round.

If there are several groups (recommended for parties of 15 players or more), all group winners will compete against each other in the final battle.

The game master is the final opponent in the round.

All other dancers who were eliminated during the game now act as a jury.

The winner will be the leader in the next 1. round.

The game can be repeated as often as you like.

New dancers can be added all the time and others are free to leave at all times.

The crew from LHS-Lebenshilfe in der Schule gGmbH and Samuel's Crew Berlin wish you good luck.

Let the music move you!